The Bahamas-The Perfect ‘Weather’ for Business

Perfectly located approx. 50 miles from the United States, The Bahamas offers smart investors a perfect opportunity while offering safe harbor for personal and corporate investments. You will find no better country for your financial investments than The Islands Of The Bahamas. The country does not levy taxes on capital gains, corporate earnings, personal income, sales, inheritance or dividends. This tax freedom is available to all resident corporations, partnerships, individuals and trusts.
No taxes, easy contact with major world markets, political stability, security and economic opportunities……a business heaven.

A booming international banking center is connected to every major market in the world. There exist over 400 banks and trust companies which take care of approximately $200 billion of Eurocurrency business with top of the line financial services including private banking, company registration, captive insurance, estate portfolios, trust management and more……

Investment opportunities are abundant in the Bahamas. From hotel and resort development and agro industry to manufacturing and data processing, doing business in The Bahamas is simpler and more reasonable.

Bahamas Financial Services Board

The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) was created to promote the role of The Islands Of The Bahamas in the international financial community. With industries such as banking, trust services, mutual funds, capital markets, accounting, legal and insurance represented — the BFSB oversees the development of these industries within the international financial arena.
Another important role of the BFSB is consulting with the government to create new initiatives that will keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the international financial world. As administrators of the online Bahamas International Securities Exchange (the Bahamian Stock Exchange), the BFSB is continuously working to permit local and international trading online for the first time in Bahamian history.

Bahamas Investment Authority

This agency helps “cut red tape and lay out the red carpet” for investors. Discover what investment opportunities there are in The Islands Of The Bahamas, or learn how the BIA can help you establish a new business in the country.
For more information, please contact:

Bahamas Investment Authority
Cecil Wallace-Whitfield Centre
POB CB-10980
Nassau, Bahamas
Tel.: (242) 327-5970-4
Fax: (242) 327-5907

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