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Berry Island Bahamas!
Berry Island Just to the northeast of Andros, on the northeastern edge of the Great Bahama Bank, lie the Berry Islands, a stirrup-shaped chain of 30 cays and numerous smaller islets. The Berrys, as locals call them, were believed to have been first settled in 1836 when Governor Colebrooke established a settlement of liberated Africans at Great Harbour Cay.

The Berries (population 634) offer beautiful opportunities for both divers and snorkelers.

Visitors will also find challenging dive spots, a nine-hole golf course and miles of beautiful, private beaches.

The two largest, Great Harbour Cay and Chub Cay, are where most of the Berry Island residents live, and are the centers for activity.

Chub Cay, the southernmost cay of the Berry chain, is known as the "Billfish Capital of The Bahamas" -- and The Berry Islands are second only to The Bimini Islands for championship sport fishing. During the month of May, the annual fishing tournament is held in Great Harbour Marina. It is an event that draws sport fishermen from around the world. 

Between Great Harbour Cay and the Sturrup Cays are a number of privately owned Cays, including Bird Cay, Whale Cay, Frozen and Alder's Cays, Little Harbour Cay and Little Whale Cay.

Stirrup Cay Lighthouse, built in 1863, is said to have a resident ghost. Inland Blue Holes and the so-called Fishbowl of The Bahamas at Chub Cay add much to that cay's claim to be a major dive centre.

The Chub Cay Wall, which starts at 80 feet and drops to 4000 feet, provides divers with a magnificent look into the deep. The Canyons is located in 45 feet of water and has a variety of swim-throughs, tunnels and large coral arches. Another popular site is the Eel Garden which starts at 40 feet of water over white sand with hundreds of garden eels, southern stingrays and parrot fish. A rollover covered with coral heads continues down to about to about 75 feet.

A popular stopover for yachtsmen en route between Florida and Nassau, it is claimed that The Berry Islands boast more millionaires per square mile than most places on earth.

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