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Bahamian Culture Overview

The people who live in The Bahamas are predominantly of West African descent who were captured and forced into slavery on the cotton plantations in the Americas.
Most white residents of the Bahamas are descendants of the first English settlers (English Puritans ), who emigrated to Bermuda in 1647 to gain religious freedom and settled on the island of Eleuthera.

The culture is a melting pot of many native customs ranging from the indigenous “Indian” people who populated the Bahamas, including West African, English and other cultures who over the past three or four centuries, arrived in the Bahamas.

People from many diverse backgrounds, such as British Loyalists (accompanied by slaves) fleeing America after the War of Independence, Bermudan slaves, people from other Caribbean islands, and many other nationalities.

Bahamian culture today has been shaped by their experiences, beliefs and lifestyles.

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