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Long Island Bahamas

Long Island Bahamas, ChurchLong Island – Located southeast of the Exuma Cays, this 76-mile long island is an unspoiled, tranquil, and scenic hideaway divided by the Tropic of Cancer and bordered by two strikingly different coast lines, one with powder white beaches and the other, rocky headlands that descend suddenly into the sea.

Its interesting caves, gorgeous bays, towering cliffs and rolling hills are in direct contrast with the more tropical landscape and coast lines found elsewhere in The Bahamas.

The area has truly stunning beaches and, in fact, Cape Santa Maria has one of the worlds top ten beaches. Columbus Point, located 1/2 mile north of the primary beach resort in Cape Santa Maria, offers a tremendous view of the protected harbor Columbus sailed into as well as a monument and plaque commemorating his landing.

Stella Maris, which means Star of the Sea, is another primary resort area on Long Island. Stella Maris is a famous meeting place for sports fishermen and scuba divers.

It is located 12 miles south of Cape Santa Maria. Visitors headed to either Cape Santa Maria or Stella Maris should fly into the Stella Maris International Airport.

Loyalists from Carolina settled here in 1790 with their slaves.

Long Island’s biggest event is the annual Long Island Sailing Regatta, featuring Bahamian made boats. It is held in Salt Pond in May or June and attracts contestants from all over the Islands of the Bahamas.

Loyalists from Carolina settled here in 1790 with their slaves.

They built vast plantations, which thrived briefly growing sea-island cotton, but the abolition of slavery made them unprofitable.

Today many of the Loyalist mansions stand in skeletal form etched against the sky. Although the plantations are no more, agriculture is still very much a part of the life here. Many Long Islanders engage in pot-hole farming, which involves planting in fertile holes in the limestone where good top soil collects.

From these an abundance of peas, corn, pineapples and bananas are grown. Raising sheep, goats and pigs also provides a living for the inhabitants. Long Island is famous for its local fisherman who are divers and go to sea for week long trips to spear spiny lobster and fish. Fresh seafood is readily available at very reasonable prices.